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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 12, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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prudent and kim jong un? brett kavanaugh stuff slide with that leak out i'm easy. of dianne feinstein's office. anyway, we will see if he takes that slid, i don't know where us up on her offer. that investigation went. and on this, the same deal. mayor pete, you're welcome. we will always be fair, the whistle-blower collaborating, conspiring with schiff, and now what? balanced, not the hate trump media. let not your heart be troubled. when is anyone going to pay for this? laura ingraham, wouldn't you but the president shouldn't have like to see that our? to worry about this, congressman. >> laura: well, i guess. >> now, and he needs to look >> sean: [laughs] >> laura: i'm not sure i want forward and speak to the american people. to see that. that is why his turnout is up. >> sean: you don't want to when i travel across georgia, see? >> laura: i know you want to they say, why did they keep suck up to him so that's good. attacking the president? he is doing good. you would be tough. it's time for members of >> sean: i will be tough but congress and the house in the senate to stand up on the fair. republican side and say enough >> laura: but here's the of this crap from the democrats. problem. on radio, i think i would like it on radio, on radio you would this constant investigation, demeaning of him, trying to smear him is only one reason. they have a clown car a bunch of be tougher appeared in person, candidates for the president. they're not going to win because he is so sweet looking and he is the president has the best such a sweet, nice person, it's message, the best message and going to be hard to be tough. he's showing the world what we >> sean: this is about the can actually do here. this is the part i want country. >> laura: he is like a little republicans to stand up and share the message of puppy. >> sean: this is about conservatism that actually matters to all americans. business. we are in business to elect the >> laura: the philosophy
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best person and i'm not sick of matters. as reagan understood, the winning. i like the economics of it. president at his core understands this. >> laura: i know but you like when he gives a great speech on trump. if i'm pete buttigieg and he foreign policy, you understand knows that you love trump, why why america first has is he going to spend the hour strengthened us and kept our with you? allies is safe. >> sean: because he's going to the more prosperous we are, the more likely it is that we are go, did you talk to so-and-so on going to have the wherewithal to my campaign and then he goes, i help other countries. he makes that point really well. will give it consideration, so i >> he makes a great. took that almost as a no but i when he talks about overseas he said, i think you're making a comes back home and means that mistake. come on the show. as well be when he talks about >> laura: never going to happen but i will watch. african-american and minority communities, how everybody is okay, you convinced me. lifted up, that is what makes us i will watch. different. to talk to you later. when we talk about criminal i'm laura ingraham, this is justice reform, that is what "the ingraham angle" from makes us different. >> laura: the media are trying washington tonight. we have a lot to say about pete. to paint you and your colleagues as hypocrites. isn't that ironic that hannity just did what he did because i think listening to the media, >> republicans lost their minds you think pete buttigieg beat when former president bill clinton met with bernie sanders last night. ag loretta lynch. so what are they missing about remember that? you laugh but people went mayor pete? someone in south bend who knows bananas over that. the real truth will be here yet nothing to add here? how is this not total and tonight in just a few moments. complete hypocrisy? plus, the establishment of her >> laura: is this a fair party wants her out. comparison? barr and trump meeting on a we're going to ask kelsey tarmac? >> not a fair comparison at all, gabbard why she is still in the race and despite
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the democrats dominating the that is a ridiculous investigation peer that was headlines, it was actually prest actually an investigation about them. when we look at this, that the president make it up, the a record last night. nobody covered it. investigation was proven to have significant holes in it. governor mike mike huckabee and before that, attorney general barr had the information beforehand. he was not influenced, he had tells us what it means and already begun to look at this. raymond arroyo, this is almost a sad come of this is elder abuse, again, let's do away with the 24 hours for the bidens. hysterics -- >> laura: i can't wait until he is up there at these come on. and we bid farewello hearings. well, what about this? and i love how he sits and goes, no. three to someone with such 2020 aspirants. seen and unseen next contempt. i'm sorry, i love him. bill barr is awesome. i love how he drips with angle. absolute condescension to their hysterics and i hope he does it bernie sanders cannot get a break. again. nd school these people. after 2016, when he was congressman, great to see you essentially hosed by the dnc and tonight as always. i'm glad they didn't rip you up dismissed by the media, this was too much up there at d.c. law school. i heard about the event. supposed to be his time. congressman, thanks so much. then in iowa, despite getting >> a rule of law emergency is the most votes, he ended up with unfolding in the incumbent fewer delegates than pete buttigieg, giving the administration. former mayor a rosy press >> this is what a banana republic does. narrative going into this is what a dictator does.
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speak i've never seen anything new hampshire. but even when bernie pulled out like this, it is bonkers is bon. >> you will tell your kids and a clear victory in your grandkids what you were new hampshire, it is still not doing when this unfolds. even treated like a win. >> laura: what uninformed speak of the big winner last hysterics. here is a history lesson for all night could be mayor bloomberg. of our friends over there at the >> buttigieg, klobuchar and other network. biden split the moderate vote these mueller prosecutors wanted with their combined percentage winning over sanders. >> two monitor it candidates up to 100 a month for come at a very strong shape roger stone. that is nine years. tonight. >> laura: again, they will for comparison's sake, the support everybody except the guy sentencing guidelines for using who actually won. a gun in a violent crime or but the reason is obvious by the trafficking drugs for instance is up to 60 months. establishment and the elites if you brandish that firearm it don't want the curmudgeon goes up to 84 months. socialist bernie sanders to run away with the nomination because what would that duke was mike consider this, even couch guild for two people, got two years. that would upend their comfy if the massachusetts man convicted ineffective status quo. now joe biden was supposed to of killing a state trooper with his car got five to seven years. remember brock turner? stop him but we need to stop him he got three months for from embarrassing himself. sexual assault pure joy to me now, harmeet dhillon, 2020 called the caregiver appeared the man should be doing some age-appropriate activities that advisory board member. will keep his mind active, but campaigning shouldn't be one of them for poor old biden. speaking of this, your brilliant
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lawyer, tell us why this given all this, where are the hysterical response from the left is so off-base. media toadies going to turn to >> what they should be now? to the person whom i dabbed last responding to is the abuse of winter as the left's new it boy. the prosecutors to seek enhancements in the sentencing guidelines that are unjustified and most lawyers are reacting to it that way. >> laura: what are the wrong the newest darling of journalists, holly waters and enhancements? metro lefties is the mayor of south bend, speak of the enhancement was because roger stone allegedly made these threats come indiana, the coastal elites? i'm going to kidnap your dog tos i don't think they've ever loved a midwesterner as much as they friends. >> laura: what did his friends say when asked about it? love pete. >> he said i was not he is a charmer. intimidated, it was the type of >> laura: he looked dashing in hyperbole that roger stone is his army fatigues too. known for but the victim said he wasn't victimized. a policy walk, a harvard guy, rose scholar, yet he is very seeking that enhancement doubled the penalty. without that enhancement it would've been three to four modest. he is a modern-day renaissance years in the recommendation. man. >> laura: when you think about >> god bless pete buttigieg but barr making his views known on he kinds of talks of the level this, that is kind of what the of mr. rogers. democrats used to before. how many times have we talked the composure and poise and he just did it up here on the stage about over the years since her w in new hampshire. he speaks and sentences. school, the left hates the sentencing guidelines because it's amazing, he's an amazing human being. >> laura: doesn't pete just the judge doesn't have
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make you all feel inadequate? discretion to bring them down. and there is more. >> but beyond that, why the pete evolved too appear also. sentencing guidelines were ultimately made nonmandatory is >> talking about growing as a because judges were allowed to sentence people based on things candidate, mayor of south bend, indiana, and now he is the cold that weren't proven beyond a front runner perhaps for the reasonable doubt, that was the democratic nomination. >> laura: company front runner plus mark is that what they problem. justice scalia was the first to said? i guess technically maybe you blow the whistle on that when we were in law school. could say that but he is pulling >> laura: i never liked it, they were a disaster. 13 points behind bernie sanders some of the 2020 democrats, you nationally, not to mention in the next two nomination would think some of them would be happy about doj's move. but? contests, he is at 7% and 5.5% >> they are huge hypocrites. >> all the way through the respectively. we needed to get the .5% in peer system, policing. the court system, the jail but what he lacks popularly on system. >> we know we can act on things main street, he makes up for that more than that on wall street. like mandatory minimum. >> build more mandatory prison let's face it, they want to hedge against bernie. and they know pete will be putty sentences, period. >> laura: apparently that is in the hands of someone like all out the window now. president xi and that is good >> in california we have free for the globalists. range criminals with our sanctuary cities situation. at first glance, buttigieg seems on the other end of the to have a really good political spectrum, these process crimes are being abused. >> laura: you have also talked resume. former small-town mayor, army
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about, we don't have much time, but get to the elimination of reservist, rhodes scholar. cash bail. in the first gay presidential that is a disaster. that is going to lead to more candidate. but while he may be a first like crime. >> absolutely. we are seeing that in states obama, obama had both charisma where it is happening. new york, new jersey, and at least he had been a california. you are seeing criminals being senator. let out on the street, repeat buttigieg really is kind of a offenders. bland composite of a lot of it seems to be no concern for the rights of the citizens things but with zero relevant anymore. they have it upside down. if your political prisoner, experience. the only thing he has ever run, you're being treated one way but if you're an actual claim in he- south bend, indiana, is a crime-ridden mess. violent crime surged 70% during his time as mayor while the criminal, you're out on the country as a whole saw crime fall by 2% in that same streets. >> laura: great to see you, as always. stay tuned, i will read more of time frame. but pay no attention to the your emails. facts, just keep hinting that he keep them nice, at least a few. i spend a lot of time in my truck. is like obama, except gay and it's my livelihood. ♪ rock music white. >> there's no question at all >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. that pete buttigieg is occupying so when my windshield cracked... a bit of that obama lane. my friend recommended safelite autoglass. >> reminds me a little bit of early obama in the campaign. >> tech: hi, i'm adrian. >> man: thanks for coming. >> tech: oh, no problem. >> barack obama before him, >> tech: check it out. >> man: yeah. pete is young, he is they came right to me, with expert service inspiring, he brings fresh ideas to the table. where i needed it.
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that's service i can trust... >> laura: unlike obama, who no matter what i'm hauling. right, girl? can inspire his supporters with >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ a soaring rhetoric. remember that 2004 dnc speech and grand idealism? when buttigieg profound statements come he just ends up sounding like an idiot. >> it is time to walk away from the politics of the past and towards something totally different. by this time, it's not just about winning an election, it's about winning an era. speak of the shape of our democracy is the issue that affects every other issue. >> taking out a bad guy is not a good idea if you do not know what you are doing. >> laura: wow, d. for self absorbed liberals, buttigieg is kind of like an ink splotch. he is a rorschach test. they read into him what they want to see, even if it is not there. there seething hatred of all things trump has earned otherwise reasonably intelligent
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democrats into puddles of goo, looking for their next crash. but like all shallow crashes, this one too will end up disappointing once you get past the butterflies. and that is the angle. joining me now is someone who experienced first-hand the spike in crime during buttigieg's a time as mayor. his name is harvey milk i'm a police officer and president of the south bend fraternal order of police. harvey, mayor pete has tried to blame things like racism for south bend spike in crime, but you've experienced this and your men and women in uniform experienced this every day. what is the real story there? >> pete has blamed our entire police department of being racist and that is obviously not the case. we have men and women of all colors at the police department and we all strive to serve and protect our community no matter
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what color anyone is. that is absolutely ridiculous. >> laura: i want to show you what south bend residents themselves told our own raymond arroyo last year about the state of the city. >> do you feel safe and south bend? >> not at all. speak honestly, i can't wait to get out. i get tired of hearing shootings every night. >> i feel like i'm on guard. i feel like they try to cover it up. >> i don't go downtown, i feelbusiness logo...outdoor sign. especially after late. >> i'm trying to get out of south bend currently. i don't see a lot of opportunity you always get me. in this city. now, get free 1 hour in-store pick up... >> laura: it doesn't sound office depot officemax and like mayor pete left south bend in a better condition than he found it. i mean, these are people across same time next week. yes! all ethnicities, racial lines, men, women, young, old. the resounding line from this, harvey, was we want to get out. they are not notre dame kids. these are people who live in the city itself. >> that's right, laura.
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there is no reason that people all throughout our community should be afraid to walk down their streets atring the day for of being shot. mayor pete has done a great job of putting down some great sidewalks and streets in south bend, but what about the neighborhoods? what about where it really counts where crime is soaring and where violence is out of control? i mean, we had our second homicide today. we are at 6 already for the year and we are only a city of 100,000. that angers me. >> laura: that is stunning. congressional black caucus member anthony brown is out defending mayor buttigieg and his record. watch. >> one of the things that attracted me to pete buttigieg was his record in south bend, indiana. as a mayor, working with a very diverse, multicultural community, which comprises 27% african-american. they've made a lot of progress
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in terms of housing, reducing black poverty by 40%, black unemployment by 70%. >> laura: he is a congressman from maryland, however, but some >> laura: time again for ingram's in back. improvements under mayor buttigieg as well. >> like i said, he made downtown it vp biden runs low on cash, he look pretty with some coffee shops and restaurants and new can borrow money from hunter. oh, meeting. next is for travis, who says streets, but we haven't seen an improvement in the neighborhoods "what happened in regards to the where it belongs. ethics complaint matt gaetz filed against nancy pelosi for ripping up her state of union address, so unbelievably >> laura: we are going to be watching this closely and we will be back in south bend. i'm sure we will see you again. disrespectful, like something thank you so much for being here antifa would do." tonight. >> thank you very much, laura. we will look into that, but i much of that was government >> laura: 2020 hopefuls property, for per se. michael bennet, andrew yang, and deval patrick are calling it make sure to send any comments. quits after poor showings in new hampshire. but there is one democrat who is shannon bream in the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. refusing to quit. refusing, as she said, to be >> shannon: laura, thank you so much. erased the party establishment. the president is not letting up the pressure on the department of justice. >> tulsi gabbard is obviously tonight, the attorney general not putting points on the board
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anywhere. >> it's never good when carnegie called to resign over the handling of the sentence is a former trump confidant has to scroll up to find you, roger stone. how far is the president willing to go in his quest for justice? parked next to tulsi gabbard. >> unusual candidates like against his own doj? andrew yang or tulsi gabbard come in at 1%, 2%. the attorney general just opened i think they will have a tough up a so-called intake process for information about the bidens case to justify staying in the and ukraine. race. >> laura: she actually the president's controversial received 3% in new hampshire, beating that last pond's hurdle. attorney rudy giuliani will be here live in men's to discuss here to respond is 2020 the developments. and yet another video clip drops democratic candidate tulsi gabbard herself. great to see you tonight. tonight, reporting you hear the comments from all corners in the media, but you are still barnstorming through south carolina tonight. you have town halls scheduled before the south carolina primary so are you staying in? >> it's interesting to hear those comments coming from members of the corporate media, who have very literally conducted an almost total corporate media blackout of my campaign, making it very difficult for voters to be able
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to hear my message, to hear about the experience that i bring, to be able to serve them as commander in chief. we hear how pete buttigieg has had 11 televised town halls throughout the course of this campaign. i've had one. one since this campaign begun. it certainly has not been for lack of asking of those opportunities. it's been difficult for voters to hear my message and be able to get that kind of exposure. but nonetheless, we are continuing on because of the importance of this sea change in our foreign policy that we need to seat in this country and bring the experience that i have of serving as a soldier for almost 17 years. >> laura: right, but pete buttigieg, he served in uniform and ran a decent sized town, so why isn't that enough? >> as i said on the debate
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stage, i respect pete for his service. my service is far more expansive, and i deployed to iraq during the height of the war in 2005. i deployed again a couple of years later to the middle east and continue to serve now for almost 17 years. but military service alone is not enough. combining that experience with that service in congress now for seven years, focused on our nation's security and foreign policy on the foreign affairs armed services committees provides me with that unique experience, prepared to walk in on day one to fulfill that responsibility as commander in chief. >> laura: why pete buttigieg? what is it? >> look, that is a great question. but i think it points to the issue behind that question that you are raising is when you look at how many in the corporate media pick and choose their winners and losers, who they
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want their fear was to learn more about and frankly, others who they want to smear, whose campaigns they want undermined. this is exactly what we've been going through. and really, i don't march to the beat up anyone else's a drum. i'm an independent thinker and i make my decisions on policy, on legislation, and the focus of my campaign based on what is in the best interest of the country. >> laura: what do you say about the democrat party's leadership as you have described your own process in this? >> it's increasingly becoming more and more clear to democratic voters, those who are coming out and boating in the presidential primary, that there has been a clear failure of leadership and the dnc, which is why i have called for john perez do resign. you can look to what happened in iowa, how iowa voters were really screwed out of making sure that their voices were heard. they took that time to go in and cast their votes, only to have to deal with debacle one after the the other.
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failing to take responsibility for that. you mentioned michael bloomberg, the dnc holding their own preprimary process, deciding which candidates they want voters to hear from, and then changing the rules one example after another about how the dnc really needs to be in touch with what are primary voters are looking for. a fair and transparent process where they are the ones who get to make this decision. >> laura: the other night, morning i guess, buttigieg basically said there is no room in the democratic party. it's not the right place for pro-life democrats. you dance to your own songs in the democrat party on foreign policy and other issues. do you agree with him on that issue? that you should start excluding people on the basis of what they believe, protecting the unbor unborn? >> i don't. i don't agree with that position. the democratic party has traditionally been the open tent
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party that is inclusive of people who have different views on different issues, and i disagree with the statement that he and others have made that the democratic party should start excluding others. i hold my own views on this position. i believe roe v. wade should be upheld and put into law. i think that a woman's right to choose must be preserved. my own choice may be different from another woman, but i'm not going to be in a position to dictate what her choice should be. however, i think there should be some restrictions in the third trimester, that abortion should only be an option of the life of the mother or severe health consequences are at risk. >> laura: congress oh, my your party has moved away to the left on that issue. we really appreciate you joining us tonight and we hope to see you back here soon. thank you so much. >> thanks, laura. >> laura: coming up, while dems got all the attention it was actually present at trump who broke a new hampshire record last night. house minority leader kevin mccarthy tells us what it is
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and what it means. plus, where's obama? does he really want to stop bernie sanders like has been reported? mike huckabee has a hunch. he shares it had. for a cold sore,
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i don't use some waxy cover up. i use herpecín l, it penetrates deep to treat. it soothes moisturizes and creates a spf 30 barrier to protect against flare ups caused by the sun. herpecín l. it does more for a cold sore. ♪ >> last night, as you know we had a very interesting election from the standpoint of the republican party and myself, but from the standpoint of the republican party it was a tremendous success. i got more votes than anyoblitef folks for an incumbent, as he said, in the new hampshire primary. 118,000 people, more than double what obama got in 2012. this comes as a new gallup poll shows a whopping 61%, marinate in that for a second, of
7:23 pm
americans say they are better off today than they were three years ago. that too is a record high for an election year with an incumbent running. joining me now is kevin mccarthy. congressman, do democrats have any sense of what is going on here? they're focused on who is going to be the nominee, i understand that, but these are incredible numbers for an incumbent president. >> he broke the record in iowa but even more important, 91% of americans feel good about their life. ronald reagan taught us, the number one question about running for president, are you better off today than you were four years ago? the answer is going to be asked to this president but now we are finding the democrats had a special meaning because they don't know what to do with impeachment. so now they a the facts about this economy because the democrats know we are flourishing. if you read the quotes from pelosi and others, they are trying to say the economy is not good at all the facts say something different. >> laura: they are even now,
7:24 pm
they are even now hinting at impeachment directed at barr, at the attorney general, so the president with barr, another cabal, trying to engineer, pressure u.s. attorneys, the u.s. attorney, the judge, they make their own judgment about roger stone, so the liberals used to be in favor of taking a step back from the sentencing guidelines. >> what about equal justice inside this country? it's outrageous, when they went to go to the house, they had 27 fbi agents breed this is all the democrats now come impeachment. this is why in the next election it is about taking the house. if you go to takethehous -- >> laura: if you want to take the house you need to get women solidly in the folds of the republican party and some of them have left, no doubt about
7:25 pm
it. the president is extremely popular, however a lot of women just want things to come down here that want to hear about policy, health care, you have to hear about how the country is going to be safer. >> security is number one. >> laura: is it smart to keep going down, peter strzok, no one wants to hear about that. no one cares about colonel vindman. nobody cares about him, they're glad that is over. if they have to fight another fight we will fight it but it is it time to turn the page on the? >> it's time to start governing, like we have been doing. think about how much the president has been able to accomplish with the congress that is trying to impeach him. when you talk about women i'm very proud of the fact that a record number of republican women ever running for congress is 143. you know how many today? 210. we are a shattering it because they see the difference between what that squad is doing. they have become not democrats but socialist democrats. that is what they call themselves. you are 100% correct. people want to feel secure, they
7:26 pm
country, in their jobs, in their future, and securee sign that president trump is in an enviable position is how "the washington post" is writing about him tonight. president trump is testing the rule of law one week after his acquittal in the senate impeachment trial. i'm skipping down, simmering in rage, exacting revenge on those he feels betrayed him and insulated by a compliant republican party. i guess that means you. >> that is so outrageous. >> laura: that is all he is doing, he's not doing anything else for the country, thank you. >> he didn't get didn't get usmca, didn't get the china agreement, made the economy stronger and it lifted everyone in america. wages are up here but this is the difference, the democrats want to control who they nominate, they want to control our lives, they want the direction. >> laura: they want this to be a referendum on their personality. they will say he's unstable, they are going back to the golden oldies, things they tried in 2017 that didn't work. >> if you go to new hampshire,
7:27 pm
he shattered the record. in iowa he shattered the record. whatever they keep trying to do i don't think will work because the american public is going to sit back and say maybe if i disagree with the tweet but you know what i do agree with? how he is managing the country. that i am better off than how i was three years ago. >> laura: the rally's focus on phone, it's a fun atmosphere but also, this is what is going to happen to your country in four years when i am leading you and this is what they're going to do with it. simply put i think that is needed. >> imagine for one moment, what does the cabinet of bernie sanders look like? >> laura: no thanks. >> what are the others? that is the fear we have in the big part about this, don't just keep our president but change congress. that is the key point. >> laura: you've got to take the house of representatives, they're going to be fighting that. >> go to p let's take those 200 and women
7:28 pm
who are running as republicans, and show them that we understand not only security but a future where we put american first. >> laura: speak in the 2020 race, there is one prominent dem who has yet to back a candidate peer barack obama. maybe he wants to stay in the back burner, sit it out for a while but maybe it is because of that old friend of his lousy track record. >> a leader that we are going to send back to the united states senate, my friend bill nelson, the next governor of the great state of florida. >> you know who will fight for the little guy? stacy abrams! >> laura: [laughs] and he couldn't get the olympics for chicago. he's good at campaigning but not so good, clearly. mike huckabee, former 2016 presidential candidate, fox news contributor. a very cheeky on twitter tonight. governor, is obama staying out
7:29 pm
of the primary just because it's not appropriate or does he just want to avoid embarrassment and chalk up all the money over there with netflix. >> it's pretty typical that a former president doesn't get involved in his party's primaries for president. he may use his political capital for some of the down ballot races but there is no upside for him to go and get involved in the presidential primary. bush didn't do it, clinton didn't do it, reagan didn't do it. it's just not something that is typical. but i also think there is another reason. obama really wants to see where this thing is headed. he doesn't want to get out there and pick a person, and it's very interesting, he certainly didn't pick his former vice president joe biden and i think he's really glad he didn't do that because joe is beginning to fall apart, but the fact is, there is no upside to do it. he needs to show up at the convention this summer and anoint the nominee, whoever it may be, and then he can be
7:30 pm
heralded. >> laura: i get it, that is the tradition but this is like a 911 situation for the democrats. this might be a year where you have to do the first thing, always talk about first. he is the first, buttigieg would be the first. if things are so important, there are so fixated on getting rid of trump that the only guy who knows how to campaign is obama. who knows how to campaign all that well, who really have a chance at beating trump? obama was the best they had and they haven't found another obama? >> that is part of the reason he's not going to go out there. he's not going to use all his water on a fire that was smaller than his was. why would he do that? it cheapens his brand and right now he's making a bunch of dough and i say good for him but there's one other thing, let me throw something really bizarre out there. suppose they can't end up with a candidate and they don't have anybody when they get to the convention but somebody suggests that michelle obama could be waiting in the wings and that
7:31 pm
she could jump in there and take the nomination by acclamation, he can't mess that up. just throwing it out there, laying it on the table for you, putting it out. >> laura: every time i hear contested convention, it is fun to talk about, it ain't going to happen. it wasn't going to happen with old ted cruz, we're not going to have mcmuffin or whatever his name was, god bless him. he wasn't going to come in, mcmuffin, this was a fantasy, okay? and it's going to be over by mid-march. it's going to be determined they are not going to go any further, but i think obama doesn't want to be considered like the right wing radical now of this party, think that is part of it. compared to these other candidates, he's kind of moderate. >> who would've ever thought barack obama now represents the conservative wing of the democratic party? compared to some of these guys. i'm telling you, he is starting to look really much more like a center right guy.
7:32 pm
maybe he doesn't want to be associated with some of these candidates and their platforms and policies because they so are to the left of anything he ever put forth and we all thought he was pretty left of center. >> laura: i'll say. let them implode and four years later i will come around and help you figure it out. governor, great to see you tonight, as always. and in moments, some presidential hopefuls we bid goodbye. and joe biden, well, call visiting angels. raymond arroyo walks us through all of it. seen and unseen next. bottom line is,
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♪ >> laura: it's time for seen and unseen segment where we expose the big cultural stories of the day. 2020 dems are dropping like flies and surprise surprise, more biden gaffes. joining us with details, raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. last night's primary was rough or some of the contenders. >> it was indeed, laura. we did a sad farewell. we wanted to do a tribute to those who fell in new hampshire. andrew yang, michael bennet, and deval patrick. >> i'm now interviewing myself. andrew, how do you come up with such innovative ideas? [laughter] i'm glad you asked. >> we have the same red jell-o every day for lunch so you wonder with why so many varieties of jell-o we have to have the same one. hillary clinton was still there.
7:38 pm
john kerry was still there and they are sitting there eating jell-o like anybody else. >> laura: deval patrick having a rocky start to his presidential campaign. the event was canceled because, well, no one showed up. >> why should people want to make a change, though? why should they? >> they shouldn't have to decide. >> make your case. >> i'm not going to. >> laura: wait a second, he didn't drop out of the race? >> i know he didn't drop out of the race but doesn't it feel like he is gone? it really does. it feels that way. part of the problem is moments like this where his wife, jill biden, not only finish a sentence is for him and does interviews for him, she even bounces hecklers now. >> thank you, thank you. i tell you what, the same guy
7:39 pm
back. [crowd chanting] >> jill cleans him right up. >> laura: she is tough. >> that is an avenging visiting angel. she drives them right out of the place. she is like the night nurse on the floor. that protects the doors, make sure nobody gets in. >> laura: the unit, there is a light flashing. biden sister also got into the act last night when he fled new hampshire after the fifth place. valerie biden awkwardly introduced her brother at the new hampshire rally this way. >> i can sense it in the air, i know my big brother is around here someplace. joe, is there anything you want to say? >> val, a few things. let me begin by saying thank you, valerie. >> laura: wait a second. speak at this is when you don't care enough to show up. she had to pitch to him in
7:40 pm
south carolina. he beat it after his fifth place loss. >> laura: before the loss. to speak at this is the same sister, valerie biden, who built $2.5 million and move them into her personal consulting campaign. there's only one problem, she was running his campaigns at the same time. it's unbelievable. then when biden finally spoke to the crowd in south carolina, he couldn't even remember which primaries he had just participated in. >> it is important to iowa and nevada have spoken but look, we need to hear from nevada and south carolina and super tuesday states and beyond. >> he hasn't competed in nevada yet. the country is looking for dirty harry and they got gran torino, that is what happen here, the problem for biden is he is pinning all of his hopes on south carolina and african-american voters there. did you see the new and? you need to see this. >> we've come too far from where
7:41 pm
we started and i don't believe he brought me this far to stop now. >> laura: wait a second, wait a second. that reminds me of someone. >> who could it be? >> i don't feel no ways tired. i come too far from where i started from. i don't believe he brought me this far to leave me. >> did they consult the white people's guide to black culture question rick this a spiritual written in 1965, are there no other spirituals or black touchstones of culture for these people? by the way, biden, his black firewall, he's dropped 20 points in the last poll. he's down to 30%, stiers is at 24 right behind him. he's going to crumble. >> laura: buttigieg, is he going to get -- >> the black vote because mikey is like kryptonite
7:42 pm
to black americans. >> laura: we will see. this is a cruel segment. >> seen and unseen, my dear. >> laura: our legal analyst throwing fits over the bar's decision to scale back roger stone's absurd sentencing recommendation. doug collins set him straight next.
7:43 pm
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i don't use some waxy cover up. i use herpecín l, it penetrates deep to treat. it soothes moisturizes and creates a spf 30 barrier to protect against flare ups caused by the sun. herpecín l. it does more for a cold sore. ♪ >> laura: attorney general bill barr is going to testify before the house judiciary committee next month regarding scaling back the sentencing recommendations of roger stone. democrats flew off the handle yesterday after the doj overruled an earlier recommendation that stone get seven to nine years. there are rapists who don't get seven to nine years. but for some reason the party of
7:47 pm
ending mass incarceration are upset a trump ally won't be rotting in a jail cell. joining me now, congressman, is jerry nadler setting us up to for another inquiry? >> remember, mr. president, eric swalwell, who first got out, say, this is another part of impeachment. >> laura: we have, let's play it. watch. >> might you impeach him over this? over roger stone and the sentencing? >> we are not going to take our options off the table. we are not going to let him just torched this democracy because he thinks he's been let off once and we are not going to do something about. >> laura: torch towards this democracy? this is from a party that can't hold an iowa caucus or dual poll for the des moines registry. >> if he could find a torch that would be interesting. this is crazy. there's nothing happening here except bill barr, who is the adult in the rooms and, without a problem here. this is nothing but the deep state lashing out and saying we didn't get anything
7:48 pm
from mueller, no crossfire hurricane beer the problems of crossfire hurricane, why don't we go back and actually begin to look at this entire process of comey, clapper, brennan. >> laura: the president shouldn't have to waste his time on this anymore. he needs to focus on policy and winning this next election. i can see why he gets
7:49 pm
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